Microsoft Cloud Hosting Solutions

It helps you customize your infrastructure with the most comprehensive end-to-end Microsoft Cloud solutions, virtualized servers, and hybrid hosting.

Scalable & Reliable Cloud Solutions

These partners closely with Microsoft to offer a variety of cloud solutions. Uniquely combining expertise in Microsoft technology, 18+ years of hosting excellence, and hybrid platform capabilities, IISGL can deliver a Microsoft Cloud platform customized to meet your specific needs.

Multiple Cloud Solutions


Our Windows Server-based Hyper-V Public Cloud is a great fit for dipping your toe in the cloud. Offers a fully redundant and elastically scalable cloud platform that can grow and shrink with the cyclical demands of your business. Pay-as-you-go or committed billing models are available depending on your budgeting preferences.


Our Microsoft Azure-certified Private Clouds offer enhanced security options with dedicated computing resources to give you the secure & predictable performance you need to power your critical applications. The Private Cloud is the right combination of dedicated computing resources with high-performance storage and management services to offer the perfect mix of isolation and cost-efficiency. We’re the virtualization experts responsible for managing the complexities of the hyper visor so you can focus on what you do best deploying and managing your applications.


Using the same Microsoft Azure-certified reference architecture as our Private Cloud, we also offer a fully dedicated stack of computing resources, storage and management tools in a pure single-tenant solution. This solution gives you even more control over your environment and the peace of mind that no resources or management tools are shared with other tenants. Ideal for highly regulated applications or where your company has strict security policies around multy-tenancy.

Quick Comparison

Top features at a glance

Fault Tolerant N+1 Architecture - Network\Compute\Storage YesYesYes
24/7 Technical Support - Phone\Email\Ticket YesYesYes
On-Demand VM Creation and Management YesYesYes
On-Demand Storage Provisioning YesYesYes
On-Demand Network Control and Management YesYesYes
On-Demand Firewall Control and Management YesYesYes
Ready to Deploy OS and App Templates YesYesYes
Windows and Linux Server Options Yes YesYes
Managed Backup and Restore Services Optional Optional Optional
Pay-as-you-go / Metered Billing Yes    
Predictable Monthly Billing Optional YesYes
Public API for Development Integration YesYesYes
Managed Virtual Servers Yes Optional Optional
Dedicated Compute Servers   YesYes
Dedicated Storage     Yes
Dedicated Management Place     Yes
Anti-Virus Protection   Optional Optional
Managed Security Services - IDS\IDP\Log Mgmt\Mgd Firewall   Optional Optional