IISGL understands the value of analytical skills therefore we know that the utilization of social, mobile, analytic and cloud computing (SMAC) is now empowering our improved  analytical research for reading out the importance from your information so you can filter the items, administrations and encounters required to outflank your opposition. We will assist you with our updated strategic consultation, system integration, analytical models etc

Customer analytics

The present vibrant and progressive age requires up-gradation of the customer worth which has become the central point of business essentiality. IISGL overlay the integrated data which enhances the customer satisfaction in whole project development.

We provide following assistance:-

  • Campaign Management
  • Market research
  • Market mix application models
  • MIS report and database administration
  • Channel optimization
  • Customer division
  • Cost analytics
  • Expenditure analysis

Operation analytics

Multifaceted and diverse business functions evolve the possibility of expenditure stress and the rising requirement of expanding business revenue. IT requires precise operational approach to implement an efficient business strategy. IISGL is always helping you to develop the competence of business operation through the integrated data which is present inside the business.

We offer following analytic structure:-

  • Procurement Analytics and Supply Chain management
  • Business and Development Analytics
  • Business process operation analytics
  • IT management Analytics
  • Human resources analytics

Risk Analytics

The growing risk of expenditure stress, rising restrictions, monitoring credit revelation and control are some of the business complexity which need a practical perspective to risk quenching and authoritarian conformity. IISGL is devoted to control enterprise application risk and administrative regulations more effectively and allowing you to adapt surmounting business strategy.

We offer risk analytics services along with:-

  • commandment
  • Market risk
  • Governance
  • Credit risk

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