About Us

Indi International software Global Pvt Ltd (or simply IISGL) was founded in 2015 by our pioneering team of software professionals, who were deeply passionate about elevating the world of the software industry.

Since IISGL conception, we have always actively worked towards offering our clients dynamic IT solutions and with years of expertise and impressive management skills on our side, we can handle everything from IT Consulting services, Mobile application development, domain experience, IT Security, Strong Cloud, Infrastructure Services, network installation to Project management and so much more.

At IISGL we are constantly striving towards evolving state of the art IT dimensional services and staffing services which in turn help us give you unparallel solutions, valuable research and development, up to date marketing norms and methods. Our skilled software and management professionals will be with you every step of the way and will make sure that your business is given the attention and expertise it deserves to expand further. We have effective management who take all the responsibility for testing, monitoring, reporting, technical solutions and advancement in services.

IISGL goes the extra mile to ensure that each and every one of our clients has a friendly and conducive atmosphere to thrive in with of course unrivaled technical assistance to match.  We build long-term relationships with our customers and our competent management professionals make it their personal business to resolve any and all project complications and customer worries.

Our company is run and works according to international norms which goes a long way in making the customer-centric services easier to carry out. IISGL is known for its expertise and unique approach which helps us develop new products in cost-effective budgets for all our clientele.

Let’s take a look at some of our top selling products:

  • MIMX is an end to end college management software, which helps you stay in touch with and manage college operations on the daily. This high-performance software even helps keeps students and alumni connected and you can get your free college website and stay connected with other colleges too.
  • RUPAI is your very own payment gateway/ E-wallet. This business ready payment gateway software lets your users exchange money using the app with nothing more than their mobile numbers. It’s both easy and secure with its two-factor authentication system and can be customized to your business’s needs as well.
  • JEOBOT: Say hi to the chatbots for conversational marketing! These chatbots are built for your business and help personalize conversations and improve lead quality and sales. This makes it so much easier for your business to target your audience and send them content that they are interested in. As a result, your business can grow more organically and reach more people.
  • CONNEKT24 is an innovative car rental software and mobile app that is meant for car rental companies, taxi operators and aggregators. It’s much like the Uber app except infinitely more Uber easy. Connekt24 is a business and launch ready ride-hailing app that helps you manage and build your business hassle free.

At IISGL we all believe in learning new concepts in order to develop and break new ground in the field of informational technology. It is this vision that we all adhere to and the commitment to evolve that we can better serve our customers now and in the near future.