Enterprise Mobility Solutions by IISGL

Enterprise Mobility is booming; organizations must connect with employees, customers, and partners in new ways and across new devices and applications. But many organizations don’t know how to move to this new mobile world, and they can’t afford costly mistakes like a failed investment, which could damage their reputation.

We design, develop, and support mobile apps aligned with enterprise mobility strategies.

Enterprise Mobility is the use of mobile technologies to enable anytime anywhere information access to employees, customers and suppliers to bring about improvements in revenue and operational performances, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction.

In fact, enterprise mobility can have the following positive outcomes:


The Mobile Explosion has changed buyer needs

The statistics are astounding. The number of mobile devices now outpaces humans on this planet, as it was estimated that there were 7.3 billion devices in the world in 2012 (compared with just under 7 billion people, according to the World Bank).

Mobility is driving significant changes in the way organizations source technology and technology services.

Unwire your employees, customers, and partners with proven, highly-rated mobile solutions from a company you can trust. IISGL can provide you with complete, end-to-end software solutions that mobilize your entire organization.

Empowering the Mobile Workforce

IISGL Mobile Application Development Teams balance high quality user interfaces and effective robust solutions for empowering enterprises, extending or enabling new communication channels with their audience.

Mobile workers are outside the four walls of the enterprise, servicing customers, inspecting and fixing equipment and completing sales orders. The rate of productivity of those workers directly impacts the bottom line: equipment downtime, repeat service calls and lack of inventory availability can reduce revenue and put business productivity at a competitive disadvantage.

With real time access to business information, sales, service and maintenance staff can rapidly reduce downtime and take advantage of every revenue-generating opportunity. They can respond to and solve problems quickly, helps to prevent costly shut-downs. They can streamline order-entry to better satisfy customers on-site and achieve rapid fulfilment. They can save time and money by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and lack of inventory availability can reduce revenue and put business productivity at a competitive disadvantage.

Sales Force Automation, Field Service and Enterprise Asset Management Solutions provide the ability to access information, quicker- enabling mobile workers to focus on what is important.